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Teeth Whitening Adelaide

At Dr Zielinski and associates we perform two safe and predictable forms of teeth whitening in Adelaide

The 2 forms are in the chair “Zoom” Whitening or a traditional Take Home Bleaching in Adelaide.

The “Zoom” achieves instant results in a 2 hour session. A thorough clean is needed a week before along with a week’s use of Tooth Mousse for patients with sensitive teeth. This is the preferred method in today’s busy, time poor lifestyles.

Take Home Bleaching achieves similar results but requires much self-discipline from the patient. Once the procedure is commenced it must be performed daily for the prescribed time period of up to 2 weeks to achieve optimum results. This method is less costly and suits people on a budget.

Case selection is important, during your hygiene visit ask our hygienist which whitening products and procedures will work for your teeth. from our experience we can provide what reasonable outcome to expect from your teeth whitening treatment and put a plan in place to achieve it.


Looking for Teeth Whitening Adelaide?

First it's important to understand where we start and what limitations may be present due to previous dental work that's been completed. As an example teeth whitening is not an effective procedure on crowns, filling materials and root canal filled teeth which are stained black due to old materials used in past root canal procedures.

Natural tooth structure will bleach to varying degrees. Yellow based colour teeth bleach very well, where as grey based colour teeth bleach however the effects are not as obvious.

It's very important if you're looking for excellent teeth whitening results that you consult a professional dentist & hygienist first. Other businesses that provide a teeth whitening service that are not dentally trained may use the same ingredients, however if these ingredients and used incorrectly, this can lead to burns on gums or surrounding soft tissues. You should only trust a dental professional with a years of training, not someone who's just completed a weekend whitening course. Always consult a registered & highly trained dental professional.


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