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Examples of Dental Work Carried Out By Dr Zielinski. Each Case is Unique & Results Will Vary Depending On The Individual

Classic Sporting Injury

Elbow to face and not wearing a mouth guard on this "one occasion".

Lateral incisor needed Endodontic treatment followed by a crown.

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The implant was placed immediately and this was one example where everything was right for such a placement with excellent results.

Replacement of Crowns and an Implant Crown after 25 years service

The patient had 2 implants placed and front teeth crowned in his "40's".

Now aged 65 and a few grey hairs later, the crowns were too white and needed correction.

The colour was detuned to a grey based white to complement the greyer hair and fairer complexion.


The patient had an Endodontically treated central incisor, overlapping front incisors and dark coloured teeth.

Using 8 Veneers (front and interproximal porcelain) the colour as well as the overlapping front teeth were corrected.

Genetically Missing Teeth


The patient was born with genetically missing Canines and premolars. This ran in his family with his father having missing teeth too.

After 2 years of orthodontic treatment, the deciduous Canines were extracted and implants placed, 2 either side.

Following 4 months of healing bridges were placed on the integrated implants and it was decided that the gaps between the diminutive front incisors would aesthetically benefit from veneers.

By veneering the front teeth we were able to lengthen them as well as widen the incisors to help balance the size in relation to the rest of the arch and the patients facial profile.

The patient was happy with the end result.

Anterior Crown and Veneers

The patient had composite restorations on his anterior teeth and a root canal treatment on the incisor which resulted with a black tooth elsewhere.

The patient was young, took pride in his appearance and devastated by the black front tooth.

We removed the composited and used the advantage of the slight retroclination of the teeth to make minimal prep veneers. Building the veneers labially more forward gave us a result we were happy with.

The "black" tooth was bleached internally and the excessive root canal filling cleaned up. the tooth was subsequently crowned.

The lower teeth were "ZOOM!" bleached and the colour of the veneers matched accordingly

Veneers and a Crown

Following endodontic therapy on the canine, the tooth was crowned.

At the time of crowning the canine it was decided that the old stained composites on the front incisors needed a make over.

The old composites were removed, the tooth tidied up and new veneers bonded a week later.

In total these took two,1 hour appointments.

Four Veneers

The patient was interested in bleaching the front teeth.

After some discussion it was decided that due to the old Composite filling on these teeth and the type of colour of her teeth, bleaching would be a waste of time and money and would not achieve the desired result.

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Essentially "no prep" Veneers

The patient had stained teeth and abraded cervical necks of her teeth. A chip on the central incisor due to were and her bite finally convinced her to do something.

Her teeth were worn at the necks giving a margin for porcelain. Her teeth were flat, not round thus eliminating undercuts. This have us an opportunity to mark mesial and distal margins and leave the rest as it was. An impression was taken and thin white porcelain veneers were bonded into place wit virtually almost no cutting of tooth .

The very white veneer picked up the colour of the underlying tooth to give a nice natural looking result.

The second photograph shows the top teeth against the natural lowers to demonstrate the colour difference.

Veneers, Bleaching and an Implant

The patient had poorly formed enamel due to illness as a child. This stained over the years. Composites were tried to cover the upper front teeth with poor result.

The upper central incisor was extracted many years ago and a resin bridge placed. Over all an aesthetic disaster leaving the patient self conscious.

When the resin bridge fell out due to an incident at work it was decided to place an implant in the missing tooth site , "ZOOM!" bleach the lower teeth and remove the composites and veneer the remaining upper anterior teeth.

The case was completed 5 months after the implant fixture was placed.

Zoom! Bleaching

These photographs show teeth immediately before and after Zoom! chairside bleaching.

These photographs show teeth immediately before and after Zoom! chairside bleaching.

Porcelain Crowns and Veneers after 13 years.

This case clearly shows why porcelain is the material of choice for long lasting and aesthetic front tooth restorations.

Full mouth rehabilitation.

This is an example of a full mouth rehabilitation case.

All the top teeth and roots were extracted and 6 implants placed 2 months later.

Implants were also placed in the bottom jaw and the lower anterior teeth were rebuilt with composite resin.

After 3 months, a titanium bar was fabricated for the top jaw which has 3 clips that help retain a removable bridge. The patient preferred the fixed/removable option as it is easier to clean and maintain. Aesthetically this looks the same as a fixed permanent bridge.

Permanent fixed implant porcelain crowns and bridges were constructed or the lower implants.

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